Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Microsoft Wants To Acquire More Studios

According to Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Studios, the company is interested in acquiring more studios that are capable of bringing "content that is a little different to what our big AAA franchises can deliver."
Speaking to, he elaborated that they do want to expand the breadth of their titles, especially content that is geared more towards Xbox Game Pass subscribers.
"I don't want to seem like we're going out to fill a quota," Booty explains. "It's not about filling a spreadsheet by any means. We will, however, have an interest in studios right now that fit this criteria of 50 to 100 people, who are making games on a two to three year cadence, and have content that we think will be of interest to our Game Pass subscribers. That means content that is a little different to what our big AAA franchises can deliver”. “One of the fantastic things about Game Pass," he concludes, "is that it can support different kinds of content."
The conversation goes further into Microsoft's other recently acquired studios and one of the questions posed at Matt Booty was "Why Ninja Theory?"
"We started looking at studios that are built around creative leads and people. An amazing thing about Ninja Theory is that it is very clear that the studio orbits around ideas and creativity, and the characters, storytelling and settings really come first for them. That just meshes really well with our desire to provide our players, especially those in Game Pass, with content that is new, unique, has variety and sits outside of the stuff we are doing with our bigger franchises."

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