Friday, January 26, 2018

“Modern” iPad Pro With Face ID Teased In iOS 11.3 Code

Evidence has been discovered within the first beta of iOS 11.3 that a new iPad with Face ID and thinner bezels could be in the works, supporting rumors that such as device is on tap for launch later this year. Felipe Esposito of iHelp revealed on Twitter that multiple strings of code within iOS 11.3 make mention of a so-called "Modern" iPad. Notably, iOS 11 pre-release betas referenced a "Modern" iPhone before the iPhone X was officially unveiled. Many see the mention of a "Modern" iPad as evidence that an iPad Pro with Face ID. Multiple rumors have already claimed that a 2018 iPad Pro update will ditch Touch ID for Face ID, just like the iPhone X. However, it's unlikely that a new iPad Pro with Face ID would have a bezel-free design like the iPhone X, as that utilizes a costly OLED display that would be too pricey for a 10-plus-inch iPad panel. Thoughts ?

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