Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A New 2D Metroid Is Rumored To Be In Development

A member of ResetEra, is claiming that a brand new 2D Metroid game may be in the works. The platform was not mentioned, but Mocolostrocolos did say that the studio working on the game isn’t an internal team at Nintendo, and it isn’t Retro. Who ever the studio is, Mocolostrocolos says that they have been working on the game “for a long time”. Mocolostrocolos also says that the game had, at one point, “went into early development hell”. However, things have changed and now the game “seems to be fine”.

At first glance, all this information may seem like nothing more than lies from a random user on the internet. But as it turns out, this user has been right before. Mocolostrocolos revealed what would be Metroid: Samus Returns with 100% accuracy. Mocolostrocolos mentioned in multiple posts that it was a Metroid 2 remake coming to the 3DS. Mocolostrocolos even predicted Nintendo’s confirmation of the game just a few days before it happened. Because of this, the user has some credibility, and that makes this rumor all the more interesting. Nevertheless, Nintendo hasn’t said anything yet. Only time will tell. Thoughts ?

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