Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rumored Info For Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Appears Online

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are busy working on the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon, but that’s all we really know at this point in time. Information has popped up on PokeJungle that suggests that the game will feature a simplified Battle System. It has been compared to that of the Digimon World games and also Pokken Tournament with its rock-scissors-paper attacks, blocks or grabs. Here’s the rest of the details discovered by the site:

  • The Chinese localization team has already finished translating the games’ script
  • There will be no new Mega Evolutions introduced in the new games
  • Z-Moves return and now use motion control to activate using the Joy-Cons
  • Central plot revolves around the conflict between tradition and innovation
  • Region inspiration has been rumored to be Spain or Italy
  • Release to come late 2018 (~December) or early 2019

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