Friday, December 22, 2017

Apple Rumored To Allow Same Apps To Work Across iOS And MacOS

For app developers, its either the App Store or the Mac App Store. Now, Apple is finally tackling this chaos. According to Bloomberg, Apple may give developers the option to create a single app that will work across Macs, iPads and iPhones as early as next year. According to insider sources, the same app will be able to respond to a mouse, a touch pad or a touch screen, depending on the device it's being run on. As of now, apps must be designed separately for the iPhone and iPad versus for a computer, which explains why you can occasionally find tumbleweeds rolling across the screen when you pull up the Mac App Store. It's planned as part of next fall's iOS and MacOS updates, according to Bloomberg's sources. Thoughts ? This would make things 1000x better for iOS and MacOS users. Thoughts ?

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