Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Walmart Accidentally Leaks Google Home Mini Ahead Of Google Event

Thought it was only up for a few minutes before being pulled, Walmart briefly offered preorders for the Home Mini, a new smartspeaker expected to be officially revealed during the Google announcement on Wednesday (October 4). The hockey puck like speaker is a little over 4 inches wide, with 4 lights on top presumably matching those on the full-sized Home, according to photos and text from the product page by Gizmodo. The device should weigh less than a pound, and cost $49. The device appears to be a direct competitor with Amazon's Echo Dot, which costs $49.99 and likewise serves as a cheaper alternative to a full-size speaker as the regular Google Home costs $129. Thoughts ? Looks like a nice entry point for a Google assistant device. I wonder if it’ll have different features from the regular Google Home ?

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