Sunday, July 16, 2017

Final Fight's Abigail And More Are Coming To Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is receiving a crazy amount of content next week. According to a recent blog post from Capcom, several of these are inspired by older Street Fighter games. One of the new stages is Ryu's home level Suzaku Castle, which first appeared in Street Fighter II. Alex, Juri, and Ibuki are also receiving new costumes. Alex and Ibuki's new outfit is reminiscent of Street Fighter III and Juri's outfit is from Street Fighter IV. These costumes are priced at $3.99 each. Capcom has not revealed a price for the Suzaku Castle stage at this time. Kanzuki Family Stadium Stage was also announced, which takes inspiration from the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour. Ryu and Ken are also getting new costumes. The Capcom Pro Tour costumes will cost $5.99 each, and the Kanzuki Family Stadium stage will be$9.99. Last but certainly not least as Final Fights Abigail joins the roster for Street Fighter V. His trailer also gives us a look at the game's new Metro City stage, which again looks reminiscent of Final Fight. You can watch a trailer showcasing the character below. All of this content will be available in Street Fighter V on July 25.

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