Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hearthstone Update Says Bye Bye To Duplicate Legendary Cards

When you’re a Hearthstone player, duplicate cards can be annoying. Blizzard has heard fans and is incorporating some changes to the way cards are distributed. Once the update goes live, any legendary card you own or gain from a new pack will be removed from the distribution pool until you have all the legendary cards from that set. You'll also be guaranteed to get a legendary card within the first 10 packs of a new set, starting with the next expansion. Blizzard has also announced a deal for Journey to Un'Goro card packs. For a limited time, players will get bonus packs with purchased bundles, 2 extra packs with 7 pack bundles, 5 additional packs with the 15-pack bundles and a dozen extra with the 40-pack bundles. The PC-exclusive 60 pack option gets a bonus 18 packs as well.

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