Thursday, May 4, 2017

Overwatch Is Blizzard's Fastest Growing Franchise

During Activision Blizzards first-quarter 2017 earnings call, the company announced that Overwatch has become the fastest-growing franchise at Blizzard. With over 30 million players accumulated over the course its first year and over $1 billion in revenue, Activision Blizzard is pleased with how Blizzard's newest IP is performing. This makes Overwatch Activision Blizzard's 8th billion-dollar franchise in its portfolio. Activision Blizzard sees a lot of value in both the franchise's reach in other mediums such as comics and shorts, as well as the upcoming Overwatch League, an esports league that Activision Blizzard hopes to launch later this year. Overwatch launched in May 2016 to high praise across the board. Overwatch was my game of the year for 2016 and continues to be for this year. What do you think of Overwatch ?

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